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With close to 6,000,000 followers on our Facebook® Salvador Dalí Fan page, The Salvador Dalí Society® continues to spread the influence of the greatest artist of the 20th Century.

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We are the unsurpassed leader when he comes to the prints of Salvador Dalí. Our owner Joe Nuzzolo, has curated Salvador Dalí Museum Exhibitions, written the definitive reference book on Dalí prints and consulted as an expert for law enforcement. There is no safer place to buy a Dalí, than The Salvador Dalí Society®. We not only have the largest collection of hand signed Dalí works in the world, we also handle only the most pristine and most important examples of his work. Bear in mind that many of the Dalí works we offer are around 50 years old, condition is a major, yet often overlooked factor when buying a Dalí. Not only have we fined tune our inventory to include his most important works, we are also are quite discerning when it comes to condition. With over 6,000,000 followers on their Salvador Dalí Fan page, The Salvador Dalí Society® continues to spread the influence of the greatest artist of the 20th Century. Stay tuned for our Catalogue Raisonné a collaboration between three Dalí experts with a cumulative experience of over 125 years. In the mean time, happy collecting, and feel free to share any of your questions about owning a Dalí. We usually respond within 24 hours. Email
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"Mr. Nuzzolo’s integrity is beyond reproach… "

Albert Field, Founder of The Salvador Dalí Archives

"After nearly 50 years in the art business the only Dalí Dealer I recommend is Joe Nuzzolo of The Salvador Dalí Society®. "

Edward Okil, National Institute of Appraisers

"As a certified member of the Appraiser’s Association of American which designates me as a specialist in Salvador Dalí and having worked with the artist for serveral years, I find that there are only a few people whose opinions I implicitly trust regarding the authenticity of the paintings, works on paper, scupltures and graphics by Dalí. I can assert unequivocally that Joseph Nuzzolo, President of The Salvador Dalí Society®, is the only Dalí dealer I judge to be in this elite group."

Peter B. Lucas, A.A.A.*, Certified Member, Appraisers Assoication of America

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